A Force Majeure Clause Example

It is prudent for businesses to review the contracts underlying their commercial relationships impacted by this pandemic. The application of this concept can be extremely limited, even in legal systems based on civil law.


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In practice, this grants the affected party an extension of time for performance until the event impacting its ability to do so ceases.

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In any event, there is some legal uncertainty surrounding the issue of invoking MAE provisions, so Lenders often wait until the Project Company defaults under another event of default.

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Neither party to this Agreement shall be deemed to be in violation of this Agreement if it is prevented from performing any of its obligations hereunder for any reason beyond its control.

Notice provisions may specify the form of the notice, to whom it must be sent, and the manner in which it must be sent. The coronavirus is having a significant and harmful impact on businesses and their ability to perform under their contracts. Bring in the Ox and Put the Rat Out to Pasture: Food.


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In light of this, many businesses are now seeking to determine whether they are obligated to perform under their contracts, or whether they can invoke a force majeure clause to excuse performance temporarily or even permanently.

In this case, the seller would not be able to hand over the property, and the buyer would not be responsible for paying the purchase price.

Including specific obligations that apply in the event of a force majeure event or another disaster is an approach that parties to certain other contracts routinely include in their contracts.