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What does the CBCL tell me Percentile scores below the 95th percentile approximate t score of 65 and below are considered to be in the normal range Percentile scores between the 95th and the 9th percentile approximate t scores of 65 to70 are considered to be in the borderline range. Child Behaviour Checklist Related Materials CBCL A comprehensive evidence-based assessment system developed through decades of research and. In a possible red flag it is child!

Maladaptive behaviors in children were associated with parental stress. Key information Authorsdevelopers T Achenbach Permission Cost to Use Cost details CBCL15-5 C-TRF Computer-scoring starter kit includes ADM.

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They might include doing homework being polite and doing chores These actions receive compliments freely and easily Other behavior is not sanctioned but is tolerated under certain conditions such as during times of illness of a parent or a child or stress a move for instance or the birth of a new sibling.

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