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Always turn the sharpener off when it is not in use and never leave it unattendedwithout first switching off and disconnecting the tool from the power supply. In addition to her freelance writing, she has worked as a paralegal, editor and freelance web designer. Keep an eye on your chainsaw to ensure it runs at peak performance and stays sharp throughout the years. Do not let go of the chain saw.

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We also provide plenty of useful information about chainsaw chains, oils and other accessories. Conversely, an electric sharpener will help you do equal sharpening with ease and speed.

The most important thing to identify is what file size is required for the specific chain you are using. They burn up more chain but when all the teeth cut equally, the saw cuts straight and not in a curve. Make sure to use the proper sharpening pitch and grinding wheel thickness for your chain.


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The chain discussions already in the archives will keep you busy reading until Leno comes on tonight. READ INSTRUCTIONSTHE ORIGINAL INSTRUCTION MANUAL CONTAINS IMPORTANT SAFETY AND OPERATING INFORMATION. Turn off before moving chain.

CAUTION: If the upper edge of the bar is used for cutting, the chain saw may be deflected in your direction if the chain becomes trapped.

Sharpening your chain is one of the most important details in keeping your chainsaw running as it should, and keeping various types of sharpeners around for travel and home is worth considering.